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Dear Charles,


Both my wife and I would like to thank you sincerely for the Pre Delivery

Inspection you conducted at our new townhouse. Your experience,

professional manner and thoroughness during the 3hour inspection process

was impressive. There is no doubt, that we would have missed various

important deficiencies without your services.


Anyone, going through the Pre Delivery Inspection process would be wise

to hire you as their prime inspector.


In closing, I look forward working with you during the next phase of this

inspection process and please use this letter as a reference with potential new customers.


Yours truly,

James H, Toronto, Ontario





Dear Charles,


Being a single woman and purchasing my first home I had no idea what I was in for. Hiring Charles was the best thing I could have done! Having him with me during the PDI ensured that I  was not only getting what I paid for but ensured that the builder lived up to their promise to build a

good home.


Charles noticed things I never would have even thought of  looking for, he also

ensured that the builder didn’t ‘brush off’ items that we deemed Deficient and

insisted they be repaired  or replaced. By the end of the PDI we had 6 pages of 



I also hired Charles for the 30-Day and Year End and  he was always available

to answer questions or assist me with the builder and Tarion.


Hiring Charles for these inspections was a wise move and well worth it!



Debbie M, Mississauga, Ontario







Thank you so much for the inspection you did on our house! We had never gone

through an inspection process before since we are new home owners but you

made the process easy and very informative for us. 


We appreciated your guidance and  recommendations as you inspected the house

and were pleased that you were able  to answer our questions on the spot! You

pointed things out to us that we would not have known about. The attention to

detail you gave in our report was amazing!


We have gladly recommended you to our friends and family looking for a home



Thank you,

Menka & Colin D, Mississauga, Ontario





Dear Charles,


Just wanted to say a few words on how satisfied I am with getting the services from Attic 2 Basement Home Inspections.


I am a first time home buyer and it was difficult for me to know what

to look for in order to decide which house is worth investing in and

which one isn't.


Attic 2 Basement Home Inspections made it easy for me and helped

me determine what, if any, future repairs were required on the



To make the story short, with the help of Attic 2 Basement Home

Inspections, I ended up saving myself lots of money ,which I then

used towards buying the appliances.


The professionalism, expertise and thoroughness you showed, made

me realize I am not throwing away my money. During the house inspection I was walked though every aspect of the property and informed what I should repair and what I needed to keep an eye on in order keep everything in good order. This was then given to me in a 25 page report with pictures and comments in it so that I can go over it every time I have time do work around the house.


I know that when the time comes to buy my dream house, Attic 2 Basement Home Inspections will be completing the inspection on it.


Thank you,
Peter T, Hamilton, Ontario

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